5 Steps to Installing Panel Bricks

Panel Brick is a ½” kiln-fired clay brick. Applying the ½” brick is a simple process and, when completed, has the look and wear of a genuine brick wall. Before starting your Panel Brick install project, gather the following materials and tools.

  • tile nippers
  • trowel
  • chalk line
  • 5 gallon pail
  • soft bristle brush
  • tape measure
  • baker’s bag
  • striker.

Here are the basic steps to applying Panel Brick:

Step 1. Snap a chalk line on your wall every 11” (4 rows of brick). Work from the bottom of your wall to the top. Alternating rows should start with a half brick. Brick can be cut with offset carbide tipped tile nippers, a saw with a masonry blade, or a tile cutter with a carbide wheel.

Step 2. Butter the back of each brick and push the brick into place in the wall (if going over a wood surface, apply a skincoat of adhesive over the entire surface before adhering the brick). Leave ½” mortar joints between the brick (mortar joints may vary from 3/8” to 5/8”). When all bricks are in place and adhesive has dried, mortar and finish the joints between the brick.

Step 3. Thoroughly mix the grout with water. Use approximately 1 gallon water per 80 lb bag. The thickness or consistency of the mortar is important. It should be able to flow through the bag easily, but stay in the joint. A good test is to put your hand in the bucket, squeeze the mortar through your fingers and be able to turn your fingers and be able to turn your hand over and the mortar shouldn’t drop off. When mixing a mortar color with the grout, do not use more that ½ of a box of dye for every 80 lbs. of mortar, and mix the dye and mortar in a dry state.

Step 4. Fill the baker’s bag with mortar (make sure the metal tip is in place) and while holding the bag at a 45 degree angle, twist the bag so the mortar will flow out. Be careful not to get mortar on the face of the brick. If you do, don’t wipe immediately, wait until it turns stiff and then brush it off or scrape it with a putty knife. After mortar is in the wall, it will begin to set up.

Step 5. Next, strike the excess mortar off the joints. When you see the moisture around The edge of the brick and the mortar becomes crumbly, start to strike. Don’t let the mortar get too hard. Always strike the vertical joints first, then come back and finish off the horizontals. Wait until the mortar has turned stiff, then brush with a soft bristle brush.

You’re done, step back and admire your brick wall. Thanks for using Panel Brick.